Grooming salon

Venusta's, a professional pet care center, with a long tradition, providing home and exhibition dog grooming with an individual approach.

First-class pet care center in Bratislava with friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. We treat all pets with the utmost care, attention and love. If you are looking for quality care for your furry friend, you are at the right place.

Pet care

We will take care of the skin, fur, paws and claws professionally, and we will also advise you on how to take care of your pet's fur at home. We can groom every dog from the smallest to the largest at our salon.

We offer:
  • bathing
  • cutting
  • trimming
  • combing the fur
  • furmination of short-haired dogs
  • aromatherapy
  • ears and eyes cleaning
  • nails cutting
  • treatment of paw pads
We will adapt the date of haircuts and other services to your time requirements and it is necessary to arrange it by phone or in person.


Kalinčiakova 1
Bratislava - Nové Mesto


Opening hours:
Monday - Friday:
09:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 18:00
Saturday - Sunday:

Price list

Complete care

 Bathing, drying, combing (not combing matted fur), hair cutting according to customer requirements, claw cutting, depilation of the ear canals.

  • Mini dog (Mini York, Chihuahu, Puppy)
    from 40,00 €
  • Small dog (Maltese, Bichon, Bigger York, Cavalier)
    from 40,00 €
  • Middle dog (Cockerspaniel, Pudel)
    from 52,00 €
  • Big dog (over 50cm)
    from 55,00 €


Hair cutting according to customer requirements, claw cutting, waxing of ear canals

  • Mini dog (Mini York, Chihuahu, Puppy)
    21,80 €
  • Small dog (Maltese, Bichon, Bigger York, Cavalier)
    23,80 €
  • Middle dog (Cockerspaniel, Pudel)
    25,00 €
  • Big dog (over 50cm)
    from 29,00 €

It is necessary to bathe your dog a day before, in case you order only cutting for your dog. It must arrive clean and dry (even in case bad weather)

Additional care

  • Bathing
    and drying

    1 hour (from each started 15 min.)
    25,00 €

  • Trimming
    1 hour (from each started 15 min.)
    25,00 €
  • Combing
    Smaller neglect (dreadlocks on the ears, under the paws,...)
    10,00 €

  • Bigger neglect (more extensive dreadlocks in several parts of the body)
    1 hour (from each started 15 min.)
    25,00 €

Complementary services

  • Claw cutting
    6,00 €

  • Paw pads treatment
    5,00 €

  • Ear canals depilation
    5,00 €

  • Ear cleaning (by ISB products)
    5,00 €

  • In case of fleas or other skin parasites detection, and subsequent de-parasitism of the animal and the salon - additional charge.
    13,50 €

Other fees

  • Environmental pollution
    7,00 €

  • Late pick-up of the animal (each hour started)
    5,00 €

  • Non-cancellation of appointment min. 24 hours in advanced
    50% of ordered time and service

  • Unbathed or excessively dreadlocked dog ordered for cutting only
    +50% to the price for cutting

  • Aggressive dog (bathing, cutting, combing)
    + 10 €

The listed prices are indicative, depending on the complexity of the performance. It can vary according to the breed of the dog, the condition of its fur and the volume of work. A clipped dog must be healthy, vaccinated and free of parasites. It has to come properly bathed, dry and clean even in bad weather, unless it is ordered for bathing. 

The price list is valid from 01.05.2023